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5 Healthy Eating Tips

Eating with friends and family is a common way to interact socially. However, the main purpose of eating should be to keep us alive and healthy. Despite the fact you may not be able to follow these 5 healthy eating tips all the time, you’ll be much healthier if you at least follow them most of the time.

A healthy diet needs to consist of fruit, vegetables and fish and less saturated fat, salt and sugar. Unfortunately with our hectic pace of life it is much easier to hit the fast food joints than it is to keep a healthy eating schedule in place.

Price is also a factor. Cheap food just happens to be the same food that clogs your arteries and makes you fat. Try getting a nice fresh salad sandwich for the same price as a McDonald’s cheeseburger and chips (oh and for an extra 10c you’ll also get a coke!).

Here are some tips to get you on the road to healthy eating.

1. Eat a good breakfast
How many times have you heard it’s the most important meal of the day? And that is because it is! Don’t skip it! Have some cereal with low fat yoghurt at the very least.

2. Eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and veggies
Eating healthy is all about routine and finding things that are healthy but tasty as well. Fill up on this healthy food instead of scoffing cakes and donuts. Try eating raw veggies such as carrot and capsicum with a hommus dip. Yum! When having bread wholegrain is much healthier than white. You’ll get used to the taste.

3. Eat regular meals
That way you won’t get hungry and just eat the nearest most convenient thing.

4. Eat moderate portions
If you do want to keep eating unhealthy food occasionaly, keep the portions small. There is also evidence that suggests it is healthier to have regular small portions throughout the day rather than a large meal in the evening.

5. Change your cooking method
Try steaming and stir frying instead of deep frying. Totally eliminates the fat and/or oil while cooking.

To make things easier initially, reduce your intake of unhealthy foods instead of completely eliminating them. It is possible that unhealthy eating has made you addicted to sugar and to eliminate sugary food all together almost guarantees failure.

Start by replacing the two donuts for morning tea to one donut, eventually substituting the donut for an apple. Have a donut occasionally if you must, but save it for special occasions.

These simple 5 healthy eating tips should get you on the path to healthy eating. It’s not that difficult, is it?

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