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Falling off the Healthy Eating Wagon

Despite all of the warning signs and media reports about teen and adult obesity, we generally continue to eat poorly. For example, as of June 30, 2008, McDonald’s earned $ 6 Billion. That’s a lot of Big Macs! And while many people can claim to have adopted a healthy eating policy at home, very few of us can honestly say that we never, or very rarely (once every 6 months) eat at the Golden Arches.

I believe I have a healthy diet. Still, I treat myself to one day per week to an indulgence. This not only keeps me sane, but it helps keep my diet on track too. During these indulgences, I kick my healthy eating policy and drag myself through the Golden Arches and order my favorite – a Big Mac Combo!

No doubt, one Big Mac once per month (or even once per week) won’t kill me, or anyone else. But what about those times when I lose my focus and find myself craving a mid-week treat? When this happens, I might fall of the healthy eating wagon and find myself walking through those doors and ordering a Big Mac several times per week. And this, unfortunately, sets in motion a terrible domino effect where I find myself indulging in the foods I really love – sugar-heavy, sweet-tasting foods like cookies, specialty chilled coffees, sodas After a few days, my energy level dwindles and I lack the motivation to work out. Within a few weeks, I gain 5 to 10 pounds.

And those extra pounds hurt because my hard work of the previous four to eight weeks would have been for nothing. I watch my body soften more and more just because I couldn’t maintain my discipline for healthy eating.

Luckily for me, I recognize that my true appetite hungers for sweet foods. Better yet, I have discovered an alternative to several weeks of binge bad-food eating. My new answer to these cravings is Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet.

A cookie diet? Yes, you read that correctly, a cookie diet. At least that is how they market the product, although I wouldn’t recommend that healthy eating individuals trade in their regimented meal calendar for a year’s worth of diet cookies. Rather, the cookie diet makes sense as a way to get through those rough patches. Instead of polishing off a bag of double-stuffed Oreos, I might pound back a couple of Dr. Siegal’s cookies. This literally satisfies my sweet tooth and I find it much easier to get back on track.

What I really like about his cookies is that they are in protein. Those Oreos have 1 gram of protein (and a lot more calories). Not only that, but Dr. Siegal’s cookies really hit the spot.

My recommendation would not be to order a three-month supply to replace your existing, healthy meals. But for those moments when you fall off that Healthy Eating wagon, Dr. Siegal’s treats are a great alternative to standing in line at the Arches and starting a self-perpetuating cycle of irresponsible eating and weight gain.

Click on the link to order your own batch of Dr. Siegal’s Cookies. Be sure to sign up for Fit Chimp’s Monthly Newsletter of 250 words or less.

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